Onset: 5-10 Minutes  |  Duration: 1-3 Hours  |  Starting Dose: 2-3 Inhales

Cannabis “flower” or “loose flower” in relation to a recreational dispensary will be cannabis in its most basic form available on shelves. This refers to the “buds” or “nugs” of the plant which can be utilized for psychoactive benefit in numerous ways. Cannabis flower can be smoked, vaporized, used for edibles, or to produce concentrate. Each of these consumption methods have a wide variety of options depending on personal preference. More information about these methods and their different options can be found throughout our website.


Onset: 5-10 Minutes  |  Duration: 1-3 Hours  |  Starting Dose: 2-3 Inhales

Smoking refers to combusting the cannabis using either a small flame or a glass/ceramic wand heated to combustion temperatures. The cannabis is then converted into a gas like form or “smoke” and inhaled into the lungs. Options for smoking devices and methods are numerous and is up to the individual smoker to choose what they enjoy best. These options include glass water pipes, rolled joints, glass pipes, chillums, apples, bubblers, and many more! Generally cannabis flower when smoked has the fastest onset of all cannabis ingestion methods. Effects from smoking can be varied across a large spectrum, and will affect individuals differently (this applies to all cannabis products). Use caution when smoking if previously diagnosed with lung or heart issues; smoke is an irritant and can exacerbate negative effects to the user. Those who are pregnant or elderly are also guided away from this option for its potential negative effects.


Onset: 1-3 Hours  |  Duration: 3-6 Hours  |  Starting Dose: 5-10 mg

Options for cannabis edibles are nearly limitless with the imagination being its largest limiting factor. Edibles are made with activated cannabis product that is added to a food product. On-set effects from edibles can take a considerable amount of time, but higher dosages can last much longer than if one smoked. It is Recommended to start with low dosing if you are new to the worldof  edibles. Waiting for over an hour before redosing is recommended.


Onset: 30 Minutes  |  Duration: 1-3 Hours  |  Starting Dose: 20-80 mg

Topicals come in a varied range of products, its most popular form being salve. Salve can be equated to a “lotion” and is spread directly onto the skin for specific spot treatment. One of the major benefits of using topicals is its complete lack of psychoactive effect, only working in the places you need relief the most. Many users find these products helpful for conditions like, eczema, psoriasis, muscle tension, and much more. Some users report a slight tingling in the applied area, and general relief of their symptoms around 30mins after application.


Onset: 5-10 Minutes  |  Duration: 1-3 Hours  |  Starting Dose: 2-3 Inhales

Pre-rolls or pre-rolled joints are one of the easiest ways to quickly and easily enjoy your cannabis flower without the hassle/mess of grinding and rolling yourself. Pre-rolls consist of ground cannabis flower firmly wrapped in a thin, pressed paper. The amount needed will vary greatly depending on individuals. Some will only need a few puffs and others the entire joint in order to reach therapeutic levels. If unsure about tolerance or effect, start slow and continue as needed to reach said levels. Pre-rolled joints can be found in a multitude of different weights, strains, and potencies, and are generally prepacked in quantities of 1-5 but can vary greatly. Please make sure you read each label carefully to fully understand your product.


Onset: 1-10 Minutes  |  Duration: 1-3 Hours  |  Starting Dose: .07g

Concentrates refer to a broad spectrum of cannabis products that have been refined down to only the base psychoactive ingredients of cannabis, with few foreign substances left behind. Examples of popular concentrates can be, BHO shatter, Co2 oil, budder in any form, wax etc. There are numerous ways to extract and refine cannabis each having its own flavor profiles and varied potency. Extraction methods have a wide range, and can involve compliant solvents that are then removed in post processing or merely gentle water and heat. Concentrates can be vaporized using prefilled cartridges or by “dabbing” on a hot glass surface. Concentrates are extremely powerful and can range from potency levels of 55%-99% Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC) and require far less to reach psychoactive effects. It is recommended to start small, and build to enjoyable levels.



Onset: 5-10 Minutes  |  Duration: 1-3 Hours  |  Starting Dose: 2-3 Inhales

Vaporizing cannabis products is considered by many to be a less harmful way to ingest cannabis while still “inhaling”. Generally this is due to the cannabis product being heated to a much lower temperature, turning the psychoactive ingredients into a vapor that one can then inhale. This process also leaves behind many of the harmful carcinogens that are undesirable for the body and are known to be far less irritating on ones lungs. Many users enjoy vaporizing for the same quick onset effects as smoking, without the intense peaks and lows that come with smoking cannabis flower. They’re are various ways to vaporize cannabis and its many different forms. Pre-filled vaporizer cartridges will be your easiest and quickest way to enjoy your product in this form. Cartridges also produce minimal smell and are small and discrete.


Onset: 7-15 Minutes  |  Duration: 3-4 Hours  |  Starting Dose: 2.5-7.5 mg

Sublingual’s come in few varied forms, with its most popular form being tincture. Sublingual or “under the tongue” typically is ingested in liquid form and is absorbed quickly through small blood vessels in your mouth. Tincture can be used in dropper form to properly dose and administer your sublingual product. Due to its quick onset time, sublingual combines many of the expedient effects of smoking with the relaxing and long lasting effects of edibles. Sublingual’s generally carry minimal to no smell, acting as a discrete way to enjoy cannabis in any environment.



Onset: 1-3 Hours  |  Duration: 6-8 Hours  |  Starting Dose: 5-10 mg

Capsules are made by filling small, indigestible vitamin like capsules with activated cannabis product. This allows the body to absorb the psychoactive ingredients much like an edible. Capsules are each individually measured for potency allowing for easy individual cannabis consumption and consistent experiences. Effects from ingesting capsules orally are generally much slower, but can be spread out over a much longer period of time. Many users report feelings of a more psychical reaction felt around the whole body.