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Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 10/12/21 | Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis

We’re OPEN ALL DAY for Indigenous People’s Day!

Brand Feature: MXR Infused-Tincture’s

Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 10/06/21 | THUR-SUN: 8AM-11PM

Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 10/04/21 | THUR-SUN: 8AM-11PM

Customer Review’s Feature with Holyoke Cannabis

Brand Feature: Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 09/30/21 | THUR-SUN: 8AM-11PM

Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 09/28/21 | THUR-SUN: 8AM-11PM

Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 09/24/21 | THUR-SUN: 8AM-11PM

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AIRO Brands Table Event | 09/17/21 | 3PM-6PM

Brand Feature: X-Trates Extraction Products

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Brand Feature: “Ace Weidman’s Wicked Fine Flower”

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Brand Feature: YAMNA Cannagar

Illinois Becomes 11th State to Legalize Marijuana

Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 09/02/21 | THUR-SUN: 8AM-11PM

NOW AVAILABLE Old Pal Ready-to-Roll Pouches

Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 08/24/21 | THUR-SUN: 8AM-11PM


Holyoke Cannabis Dispensary: 08/17/21 | THUR-SUN: 8AM-11PM

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Is All Butane Created Equal?

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