James Jaron

Primary Owner: Holyoke Cannabis

“James Jaron has spent the last 25 years bettering the community through excellent service and social outreach throughout all of Massachusetts. An entrepreneur and local business owner of Zap electric and Ion Lighting and Distribution James is committed to community-based employment and opportunity. James is an avid supporter of recreational cannabis and its many benefits. He can be found spending time with his family/friends on the river during a sunny day.”

Blake M. Mensing

Partner: Holyoke Cannabis

“Attorney Blake M. Mensing is one of the foremost experts on cannabis law and compliance in the State of Massachusetts, as well as the founder and chief counsel of the Mensing Group LLC. He also serves as Counsel to the Hoban Law Group, the nation’s premiere Cannabusiness Law Firm. Dedicated to our community, Blake has spent numerous years in the advancement of recreational cannabis both locally, and around the country. This includes the expungement of past convictions for cannabis related incidents for residents of MA charged before the change in law. Blake has spent almost the entire balance of his life in MA and can be found travelling and spending time with his family”