What Type of Cannabis Concentrate is for Me?

by Holyoke Cannabis

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There are different kinds of concentrate?

Last time we spoke about what a cannabis concentrate is and how one might use a concentrate to reach a therapeutic effect. When looking through the concentrate section of a recreational dispensary menu one thing might pop out to you. Not only do they have different strain names, but they ALSO have different classifications or descriptors. Things like shatter, badder, budder, wax, crumble, resin, rosin, sauce, the list goes on. These descriptors refer to the consistency of the concentrate and can give you some insight into how it was extracted and created. Here we will talk about a few popular forms of cannabis concentrate.


Shatter Concentrate:

Shatter is a honey or amber colored concentrate and has a consistency that ranges from a sap like texture to a brittle glass like texture. The color and texture of shatter concentrate will largely depend on the skill of the extractor and the quality and type of the cannabis material being used. Shatter concentrate is generally made with a hydrocarbon extraction method using either Co2 or butane.


Wax Concentrate:

Wax or sometimes known as budder has a cookie dough like texture and can range from a tan color to a green hue. Wax concentrate is also generally made through a hydrocarbon extraction using butane or Co2. The playdough or wax like texture of wax concentrate is created through whipping the material post extraction. This can help reduce moisture/solvents and can preserve more terpenes than other methods of producing concentrates.


Rosin Concentrate:

Rosin is a form of concentrate that is only recently becoming popular in the Massachusetts recreational cannabis industry. Rosin concentrate can range from a glass like consistency to a playdough-ish form. Rosin concentrate is produced with zero solvents; it can be created by pressing plant material with a great deal of pressure and a consistent level of heat. Many extractors choose to use kief to make rosin concentrate which has been washed from the plant using water. Even though the process is long, the finished concentrate is well worth it.

Tune in next time with Holyoke Cannabis for more fun cannabis facts!




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