Different Types of Cannabis Carts

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In our last blog post we discussed the different types of Vaporizer batteries and the cartridges/carts to put in them. Along with the different types of batteries, there is also a large variety of cannabis oil that is used to fill the carts themselves. What differentiates these different carts and the oil inside them?


Co2 Carts:

Co2 carts will contain cannabis oil extracted using Co2. Co2 is a great way to pull all the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant but will affect the flavor slightly. Pure Co2 oil will be a full spectrum extract containing the pure essence of the cannabis plant. Co2 oil is generally slightly darker in color and THC levels might be lower as well.


EHO (Ethanol Hash Oil) Carts:

EHO or Ethanol Hash Oil is one of the oldest forms of cannabis oil extraction. Food grade ethanol is used to pull the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. EHO will also be a full spectrum extract and will have higher concentrations of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids making for  potent carts. EHO will also appear slightly darker inside the vaporizer cartridge.


Rosin Vaporizer Carts:

Rosin cannabis vaporizers are new to the recreational cannabis market but are gaining popularity quickly. Rosin in made by either squishing cannabis buds, or kief which is washed from the plant. Rosin is squished with immense pressure at a lower heat point in order to melt the cannabinoids (trichomes) together into a goo like substance. Rosin can either be a lighter, dry, badder like substance. Or a can be turned into more of a liquid. The liquid is then filled into the cannabis vaporizer.


Distillate Vaporizer Carts:

Distillate will be the most popular form of cannabis vaporizer. Distillate in the recreational cannabis community is the most prevalent and can created using almost anything containing THC. After creating the original cannabis oil using the previous methods we had talked about, it is then further distilled down into its base form of THC. This will cause most distillate cannabis vaporizers to test in THC levels higher than many other methods. It also has its drawbacks. By distilling the cannabis oil down, it removes many of the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids that are beneficial not only for our physiological state, but also will differentiate the strains effects and feeling.


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