X-Trates, Origryn, Old Pal, Prerolls, and More!

Happy Holidays to everyone! We at Holyoke Cannabis knows how the holidays gets and we have the supplies for no matter the situation. Whether you need it to deal with the family all day, “go for a walk” with the cousins, and/or have a wild Friendsmas, Holyoke Cannabis has got you covered! Below are some staff picks that should fit everyone’s tastes; flower, tinctures, prerolls, we have it all! We are open ALL WEEK so stop in, talk to one of our Budtenders, or pre-order online for easy pick-up! Everyone at Holyoke Cannabis hopes to see you this holiday season.


Old Pal

Banana Punch

14g | Hybrid | 26.3% THC | 28.1% TAC

LA Kush Cake

14g | Indica | 29.5% THC | 31% TAC

Old Pal is becoming a regular go-to for a lot of our customers. With great prices, a convenient pouch full of pre-ground flower, and included papers, Old Pal pouches advertise themselves. Check out Old Pal Banana Punch 1/2 oz. Pouches and Old Pal LA Kush Cake 1/2 oz. Pouches today!

Chocolate OGe

by Cultivate

3.5g | Indica | 25.7% THC | 26.1% TAC

Chocolate OG is a cross between Chocolate Thai and SFVOG. It’s a SUPER heavy indica strain with nutty, coco tones and even hints of coffee. People looking for a relaxing, sedative high should give Chocolate OG a try.


White Wedding

by Happy Valley

3.5g | Hybrid | 28.96% THC | 0.05% CBD | 30.05% TAC

High Times Massachusetts Cannabis Cup 2021 – 1st Place Winner – Hybrid Flower

White Wedding by Happy Valley took 1st Place in High Times’ Cannabis Cup! An extremely hard hitting hybrid, White Wedding has a terpene profile that’s sure to please even the most snobby of cannabis users; hints of mandarin oranges, cherries, against a background of pine and sour gas.


Super Lemon Haze

by Happy Valley

3.5g | Sativa | 26.18% THC | 0.08% CBD | 29.15% TAC

High Times Massachusetts Cannabis Cup 2021 – 1st Place Winner – Sativa Flower

Another award winner by Happy Valley, Super Lemon Haze took 1st place in the Massachusetts Cannabis Cup in 2021 in the Sativa Flower Class. This tasty nug obviously has a lemon profile, but a sweet one. This is a classic sativa that will leave users with an energetic and focused high. Check out Super Lemon Haze today!




TrailStix 7pk Prerolls


0.5g/ea | Sativa | 21.34% THC | 0.07% CBD | 22.9% TAC


0.5g/ea | Indica | 24.21% THC | 0.07% CBD | 26.4% TAC

Trailstix is well known for their professionally rolled prerolled joints and now they come in two flavors! MTF for the sativa lovers, and Galactus for the chill stoners. Each pack contains 7 preroll 0.5g joints AND matches which is pretty freaking awesome. MTF (Matanuska Thunder Fuck/Humble Warrior) smells of hot chocolate with fruit of the forest; users will find a pretty strong body high for a sativa, but it won’t couch lock you. Galactus on the other hand WILL couch lock you. Galactus reeks of gassy lemons with a great kush taste. Give both a try today for the perfect combo.



Boomstick Wax Infused Prerolls

1g | Indica | 27.6% THC | 28.9% TAC

1g | Hybrid | 36.9% THC | 39.29% TAC

1 Gram Boomsticks take your preroll experience to a whole new level! Featuring a curated blend of premium Hybrid Flower and full-spectrum EHO Wax, these potent, infused prerolls explode with flavor. Boomsticks’ strong effects, clear a path towards relaxation for the novice and experience user alike. Try either their Indica blend or for an even bigger kick, their Hybrid blend today!



Barbari Car Sex Herbal Spliff 2pk

by Revolutionary Clinic X Barbari

1.2g total | Sativa | 4.3% THC | 4.5% TAC

Pre-rolls of uplifting RevClinics flower mixed with Barbari’s Car Sex herbal smoking blend to give you a smooth and playful lift-off. Perfect for when you want to turn up your mood with playful euphoria. Inhale the good vibes and get loose without the sedative effects of more potent prerolls.



Vape Products


Mango Super Silver Haze

by Pioneer Valley Extracts

510 Cart | 0.5g | Sativa | 87.1% THC | 0.2% CBD | 90.4% TAC

High Times Massachusetts Cannabis Cup 2021 – 2nd Place Winner – Sativa Vapes

Mango Super Silver Haze by PVX will leave your head focused, body relaxed, and in a state to battle the challenges ahead with confidence. The high from Mango Super Silver Haze is silky smooth and it comes on fast like the lift you might get from a straight shot of espresso. It starts with a rush up your spine that zooms up and down before settling somewhere in your lower back. This is the kind of cool, clear high that lets you focus on getting things done without having to worry about crashing later.



Entourage Do-Si-Do #22 Live Rosin Disposable

by Origyn

300mg | Indica | 72.6% THC | 0.2% CBD | 78.8% TAC

Do-Si-Do #22 is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with qualities similar to its parent, OGKB, a GSC-phenotype. Live Rosin takes the classic Rosin one step further. Made from single source whole plant fresh frozen run into bubble hash and pressed, Live Rosin will give you that extra boost of terpenes you have been looking for from your cannabis concentrate experience. Do-Si-Do live rosin in a disposable cart? You have to try this!


X-Trate 0.5g/1g 510 Cartiridges

510 Cart | 0.5g | Indica/Sativa/Hybrid | 64.9%-85.65% THC | 0.2%-0.4% CBD | 69.8%-90.8% TAC

X-trates Full Spectrum Vape Carts features pure cannabis oil with cannabinoids and cannabis-derived terpenes from a single batch of flower. By creating a full spectrum extract from a single batch/strain of flower, the cannabinoids and terpenes are true to the plant and work together harmoniously, taking advantage of each compound’s natural benefits – this is known as the “entourage effect.”

Available in these varieties:

Sour Diesel | GMO | Strawberry Banana | ChemDawg | Forbidden Fruit | Wedding Cake | Black Mamba | Purple Pineapple Express | Purple Punch




Thrill and Chill Bar

by Apostrophe

90mg THC Total | Hybrid

LIMITED EDITION! Midnight dark chocolate with roasted peanuts; how can you say no to the Thrill and Chill Bar by Apostrophe? Apostrophe edibles are crafted with THC Distillate produced via Supercritical CO2 extraction, winterized with ethanol, and finished with wiped film distillation.


Nano Gummies

by Kanha

100mg THC/10pc | Indica/Sativa/Hybrid

The first fast-acting cannabis gummy! We utilize nanomolecular technology to create cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate. Average onset is around 15 minutes! Kanha gummies are made with all-natural ingredients, coloring, and flavoring. Each gummy is infused with the highest quality cannabis oils to provide the most consistent, safe experience on the market.

Available in these varieties:

Passions Fruit | Cranberry Pomegranate | Mystery | Cherry Sativa | Strawberry Indica

Hibernation Blueberry Basil 1:1 Gummies

by Astaria

35mg THC Total | 35mg CBD Total |5mg Melatonin Total | 20pc | Indica |

Sleep like a bear with our Astaria Hibernation Fruit Chews! These calming Blueberry Basil Fruit Chews are created with a low-dose blend of CBD, THC, and melatonin to encourage sleep and promote restfulness. Paired with a sleep-inducing blend of terpenes (myrcene and beta-caryophyllene), these Fruit Chews will leave you drifting off to sleep among the clouds. Say Good Night to workday stress and wake up feeling refreshed. Don’t count sheep, count on Astaria!




Daily Drops 500mL

500mg THC Total | Sativa | 50mL

High Times Massachusetts Cannabis Cup 2021 – 1st Place Winner – Tinctures/Topicals

Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup 2021 in the Tinctures/Topicals category, Daily Drops are infused with energizing ginseng for a fun and tasty way to enjoy cannabis throughout your day. Snag a bottle and enjoy an uplifting and discrete way to use cannabis with a fruity flavor!


Dream Drops

5mg THC Total | Indica | 1mL

Hard a rough day and just want to start again? Snag a single dose pack of Dream Drops. Simply relax with this soothing evening delight. Herbal infusion of chamomile and valerian root keep you in a deep sleep all night long.


Sleep Tincture with CBN

by MXR

100mg THC Total | Indica | 1fl Oz.

Sleep with CBN is formulated for sleepy a effect. This tincture features a large amount of CBN plus: Myrcene terpene (indicative of indicas and acts as muscle relaxer); and Blue Dream’s terpene profile (high in myrcene and alpha pinene). 1 fluid ounces per bottle. Dosage: Divide THC and CBN total by 54 to get the dosage per 0.5ml or approximately HALF a dropper full. Snag a bottle of Sleep with CBN by MXR today!




Goddess Cooling Balm

by Nordic

350mg THC Total | Hybrid | 2fl Oz.


Goddess Roll on Stick

by Nordic

245mg THC Total | 100mg CBD Total | Hybrid


Massage Oil 1:1 Unscented

by Topicas

100mg THC Total | 100mg CBD Total


Have you had the chance to checkout the “staff Picks” section of our Pre-order menu? These Options change often, so don’t forget to stay up to date on your budtenders favorite products!

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