Old Pal Ready-to-Roll Pouches

½ oz. pre-ground cannabis w/papers


Accessible, affordable, and abundant, Old Pal’s vision is simple: It’s just weed, man. Neighbor grown and meant to be shared, our cannabis is all natural, sun-kissed, and rain-watered. Available in three simple varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid – this is weed for the people. Old Pal is an ode to simpler times, when weed was just weed and joints were passed around to old pals and new ones. When neighbors knew each other by name and community meant something. So grab a bag of Old Pal and pass it around. It’s time we took care of each other.

Old Pal


Why Holyoke Cannabis Loves Old Pal

Featuring a BRAND NEW product here in the state of MA and at Holyoke Cannabis, your premiere recreational dispensary. Holyoke Cannabis would like to introduce OLD PAL Cannabis Products to its shelves! Our staff at Holyoke Cannabis love these portable 1/2 oz. pouches that even include 40 papers! Pretty much a must have if you plan on traveling light and don’t want to have to worry about lugging around a 3″ grinder. The overall aesthetic is satisfying too with a classic colorway and old-timey font. The bud itself is fantastic as well and is available in sativa, indica, and hybrid!

California-based Old Pal is a non-plant-touching cannabis and lifestyle brand. They contract with over 100 different cultivators and manufacturers across the markets that the company operates in. Recently Old Pal secured an $8M strategic marketing investment from Turning Point Brands (TPB) which is the reason we in Massachusetts are now able to purchase their products!



Holyoke Cannabis carries Old Pal’s hybrid and indica 1/2 oz. pouches.

Jilly Bean

“Jilly Bean” is a well-known Hybrid cannabis strain. It is said to give the user an uplifting feeling without the added effect of anxiety. “Jilly Bean” has a very sweet smell, sometimes compared to oranges or mango. “Jilly Bean” is a cross between Orange Velvet and Space Queen. 

LA Kush Cake

“LA Kush Cake” is said to be just as tasty as it sounds and is a crowd favorite here at Holyoke Cannabis. The “LA Kush Cake’ is a powerfully potent cross between Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. Two very popular strains in their own right. “LA Kush Cake” is a heavy indica and is said to leave even the most experienced smokers deep in their couch. “LA Kush Cake” is said to have large, dense buds, that are covered in trichomes. It is also said to have an amazing display of colors. A green bud, covered in orange hairs and painted in purple, accented by the white trichome crystals.




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Please consume responsibly. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults 21 years of age or older. Keep out of the reach of children. Nothing for sale.

Here at Holyoke Cannabis our mission consists of bringing premium, recreational products of all forms into a friendly, well versed dispensary. Whether you are someone who enjoys throughout the day, or a first-time user you can rely on Holyoke Cannabis to elevate your recreational experience. We supply a diverse selection of flower, pens, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, everything!

Our friendly staff is here to help with any and all of your cannabis needs. With as much or as little hands on time with our budtenders and staff, you are left to choose what buying experience pleases you. Just browsing or do not need assistance? Not a problem! Just let us know when you are ready, and we will supply you with whatever you need. Paper menus and seating will be available around the shop. Come in today and see why we are your go-to Massachusett’s recreational dispensary!

Customer Safety During COVID-19

Holyoke Cannabis implements a wide range of sanitation and safety measures. Health and security are major priorities for their walk-in customers. “We are constantly sanitizing our sales floor and counterspace and offer both hand sanitizer and masks to all customers.” explains Jacob Black, Marketing and procurement Manager for Holyoke Cannabis. “Customers can also pre-order through our website www.holyokecannabis.com in order to decrease your time spent in store. We take our customers safety concerns extremely seriously.”.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call 413-322-8611 and a Holyoke Cannabis Bud Tender will have the answer you need.

Products and Education

Due to the previously mentioned influx of cannabis users joining the recreational market, one major goal of Holyoke Cannabis is to properly educate and inform for both its Budtenders and Customers. Holyoke Cannabis provides an extensive product guide that details/describes all major forms of cannabis intake from yummy edibles to old school buds and everything in between. If you are more of a person-to-person learner, the Holyoke Cannabis staff is more than happy to answer all questions in a warm and friendly environment.

Revitalization of Holyoke and Holyoke Cannabis

With so many amazing business’s moving into the beautiful Mill area of 380 Dwight Street, Holyoke Cannabis expects a bright future for economic, infrastructural, and social uplift throughout Holyoke and its surrounding areas. “Holyoke Cannabis is excited to be part of such a driven community of business owners” “We only see things going up from here” remarked Jaron as the sound of new construction rings out from outside.

Location and Access

Access to transportation whether it be long distances, or one town over can be a great concern for customers who wish to partake in cannabis product safely. Holyoke Cannabis and the 380 Dwight St. plaza is located only a short distance from both a train station and local bus stop and is available to all.

Located: 380 Dwight Street, Unit #3, Holyoke 01040, MA.

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